Born in Madrid, Spain. She works both in Brussels and Madrid.

Bachelor of Arts at the Facultad de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts School), Universidad Complutense, Madrid (painting and design). She completed the coursework for a PhD in Theory and Teaching of the Fine Arts.

She furthered her studies through a fellowship in Florence (painting), and at New York's School of Visual Arts. (SVA)

She participated in Master Classes (Talleres de Arte Actual, Madrid), with artists such as Soledad Sevilla, John Armleder and Santiago Serrano.

She went through a traineeship at the European Commission, Brussels, on cultural cooperation with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

In Brussels she completed a Baccalaureate in History of Art and Archaeology at the Institut Supérieur d'Art et Archéologie.

Her interest in the transformation of space led her to further her training in scenography, lighting and costumes at the Universidad Complutense, Madrid.

In 2012 she graduated as an Art Market Expert at the University of Nebrija, Madrid, Spain.

Master in Cultural project Management at La Fábrica, Madrid, Spain.

Since 2012 she is one of the founding partners of CUMEDIAE (Culture&Media Agency Europe where she is active in the promotion and management of cultural projects.


Solo exhibitions (selection)

2018 Art for Breakfast, Art Fair. Málaga, Spain

2018 Hybrid, Art Fair. Madrid. Spain

2015 Grosvenor-El Harar Gallery. Runaway. Brussels, Belgium. *

2014 Gallery TagBxl. Brussels, Belgium

2012 Huellas Paralelas. Casa Sefarad. Palacio de Cañete. Madrid, España.*

2010 Huellas Paralelas, Colección itinerante. Museo de Historia de los Judíos. Girona. Spain.*

2008 Sala Parés. Barcelona. Spain. *

2007 Gobierno del Principado de Asturias. Casa de Asturias Le Peuple. Brussels, Belgium *

2006 Grey Gallery Barcelona, España Galeria Trama. Barcelona. Spain.

2005 Galeria Trama. Madrid. Spain.

2004 European Parlament. Brussels. Belgium Galeria Trama. Barcelona. Spain.

2001 Galería Idea, Barcelona, Spain.

2000 Viviana Grandi Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

1997 Gallery Artefacto, Brussels, Belgium.

1996 Gallery Anadiel, Jerusalem.

1992 Galería Marta Moore, Sevilla (Spain).

1991 Sala Greco, Toledo (Spain).

Casa Museo del Ayuntamiento de Calahorra, Calahorra, La Rioja (Spain).

Galería Punto A, Ibiza (Spain).

1990 Centro Cultural Galileo, Arte Nuevo Años 90, Madrid, Spain.

1988 Galería Rodríguez Caramazana, Encuentros pictóricos España-México *


Group exhibitions (selection)

2018 Ars Visibilis IV. Genius. Museo de Almería. Spain

2018 Ars Visibilis IV. Genius. MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico. Almería. Spain

2018 China Europe International Contemporary Art Tour. Bund 27. Shanghai. Chine.

2017 Grosvenor- El Harar Gallery. Brussels, Belgium

2016 AAF (Art Fair) Brussels, Belgium

2016 Grosvenor-El Harar Gallery. Brussels, Belgium

2008 Banque Heritage. Geneva. Switzerland.

2007 Sala Parés. Barcelona. Spain.

2006 131, Sans Souci. Brussels, Belgium

2004 Spanish Embassy in Belgium.

2002 Gemeentehuis, Boom, Belgium.

2000 LINEART, Viviana Grandi Gallery, Ghent, Belgium.

1998 "Three ladies from Europe", The Gallery, Laren, Netherlands.

1998 Extra-Muros.- Musée de l'Art Wallon, Liège, Belgium.

1995 Círculo de Bellas Artes, Selected students from Talleres de Arte Actual, Santiago Serrano. Madrid, Spain

1992 Espace Swissair Centre, “Cinc peintres espagnols”, Geneva, Switzerland.

Galerie Pascal Polar, “Trois artistes racontent”, Brussels, Belgium.

1991 Círculo de Bellas Arte, Selected students from Talleres de Arte Actual, Soledad Sevilla, John Armleder. Madrid, Spain.

1990 Galería Rodríguez Caramazana, Mexico D.F

1989 Galería Rodríguez Caramazana, Mexico D.F.

1987 Art Gallery of Visual Arts, New York, USA. (SVA)


Work in Collections and Museums

Museo de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid, Spain.

Casa Museo Ayuntamiento de Calahorra, La Rioja, Spain

Fundación Galicia-Europa, Brussels, Belgium

GPlus, London, UK

Grey Ibérica, Barcelona, Spain

Fundación Caixa de Sabadell, Spain

Casa Sefarad-Israel

* exhibitions with catalogue