Runaway (adjective): uncontrollable, increasing out of control.

Runaway (noun): escape.

It’s 8:30 pm

Late summer.

The starting point is a picture, an instant chosen amid the millions of images in which reality appears.

This work recreates the precise moment when an action starts. What is important here is the prelude of what’s coming.

A woman, her blurry features.

An action following a sequence full of hesitation.



Welcoming-saying farewell.

To capture and show an instant, a fragment encapsulating the entire path.

What I want to show is a succession of stages from the photograph, which its maker is full of control of, to the unpredictable image that emerges as I move to a different technique, painting.

The outcome opens unfathomable depths, here moving to (increase) chaos, there moving away from it. I purposely seek the plasticity of photography, altered by my intervention.

Moving from the click of the shutter to my brush stroke, leaving room for surprise. Each piece is a short story where the perspective determines our conclusions and requires seeing life through a single moment, a flash of deep, yet, fleeting understanding.

Runaway (adjetivo): desenfrenado, fuera de control

Runaway (nombre): huida

Son las 20h30.

Final de verano

Un fotograma es el punto de inicio, el instante escogido entre ese millón de imágenes que la realidad nos muestra.

Las obras presentadas recrean el momento preciso del inicio de una acción y en ellas, lo importante es lo que está por venir.

Una mujer, sin rostro definido.

Todo ocurre en una secuencia llena de dudas.




Captar y reproducir un instante, un detalle que resuma toda una trayectoria.

La propuesta expositiva parte del control de la fotografía inicial a lo impredecible al cambiar de técnica.

El resultado abre oportunidades insospechadas, a veces aumentando el caos, otras, réparandolo.

Busco intencionadamente la plástica de la fotografía modificada por mi gesto. Pasar del « click » del obturador al trazo manual donde queda espacio para las sorpresas.

La mirada en estos relatos breves que constituyen cada una de las piezas, descoloca nuestras conclusiones y exige ver la vida a través de un instante, de un destello de comprensión profunda y a la vez fugaz.

The whisper

A woman in a corridor, going from somewhere to somewhere. A sensual female character, attractive, walking down the stairs, first hesitant, looking back (?), then moving forward (?). Quite significantly, she is not young, not learning about the world through youthful exploration. The transition here is from experience to experience, from old to new. Or maybe from what has been so far to a new start through descending (placing herself) into to an already familiar mental and emotional disposition, the experience of the hesitant joy the clearing of the mind, the opening up to mental position of entering a new scene (entering here, in fact, is an exit, walking down the stairs, from between the walls, out to the street, which is the source of light in all the images).

Inside, before leaving, she wears a red dress, a gown for the occasion, then, already in movement, she is in casual everyday spring jeans and a T-shirt, but with a spring coat in hand, just in case it rains or gets windy. The paintings are based on photos, taken of a concrete person, the artist, whose figure becomes archetypal in its concreteness through changing the medium. This shift – from the photograph, supposedly a recording of the concrete, to painting, a medium that allows to (re) create the lines and colours – is fully adequate to the moments of transition in Juanco’s work. Moreover, highly conscious of the media, Juanco’s meaning is born partly through this shift.

Zsolt Kozma


Flaques d’eau

Like anything that matters to us, it happens when we least expect it.

These photographs were taken during a walk throug the woods. Previous rainfall had left its trace in the shape of puddles framing an evanescent reality.

My intention as I pressed the shutter was to see beyond the water. A leaf, an insect, soft outlines, barely seen minimalist shapes looking more like a charcoal drawing.

The resulting image captures an instant free of changes or manipulations.

As a viewer my interest lies particularly in the plastic aspect, leaving room for uncertainty about motive and technique.Capturing the aesthetics of reality.

Como todo lo que realmente nos importa, ocurre cuando menos lo esperamos. Estas fotografías fueron tomadas durante un paseo por el bosque. La lluvia reciente había ido dejando su rastro, su recuerdo en forma de charcos donde una realidad efímera quedaba reflejada.

Mi intención al apretar el obturador era ver más allá del agua. Una hoja, un insecto, blandos contornos, minimalistas formas apenas intuidas con un aspecto más de dibujo que de realidad.

La imagen que resulta captura un instante sin cambios ni manipulaciones.

Como espectador mi interés se centra en el aspecto plástico dejando una vía abierta a la duda sobre el motivo y la técnica. Capturar la estética de la realidad.